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Inspired by the 2008 PC game. Welcome to Left for Dead – prepare to survive the zombie outbreak in this deadly zombie shooter! After an undercover science experiment went wrong, a mysterious deadly virus has broken free from a lab, infecting and turning everyone into zombies! zombie outbreak began in every country the biggest cities have become battlefields between undead monsters and the last survivals. The biggest zombie outbreak happened in the major cities – New York, London, Mexico. A few survivors, who were left for dead and not infected by the virus, had to hide in the underground subway tunnels. Your shooting mission as a zombie shooter in this action horror game battle, is to travel to those places, fight against undead zombies in the streets; protect those who got lucky to survive and deliver the blood samples to the lab for an antivirus. Now it’s only you who can give humanity a chance to survive because there are so many people stranded in this left for dead situation. Ensure you and other survivals stay immune to this infectious deadly virus for this is a dead zombie shooter mission you must conquer. Only few people, are immune to the virus and their blood can be used to create a vaccine. So, while most of the survivors are hiding underground, the bravest of them are stepping outside to face zombies at the streets and make their way through to the nearest laboratories and create a vaccine. But only few people can fight off zombies running after them from every direction! In zombie action horror game like this, you must end this plague from annihilating the human race that is left for dead! Sometimes you’ll be left alone in the middle of local zombie outbreak, and your mission will be just to survive there. Hordes of zombies will run at you from every direction, so keep your aim steady and try not to run out of ammo. In other missions you are sitting safely on the roof as a zombie shooter, and your mission will be to protect scientist or some innocent people who got trapped and left for dead. Zombie dead shooting mission and action horror game is fun to play as you build your confidence and fighting tactics in resisting these undead monsters that are on rampage to destroy everyone. As an elite zombie hunter, you have a large arsenal at your disposal – pistols, sub-machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, grenades and armor – everything a zombie hunter could ask for! In this horror game play, ensure you gear up properly; spend your money on weapon upgrades as you will face several waves of very fast zombie at each level of this zombie shooter! Game Highlights: • Post-apocalyptic zombie FPS at its finest. • Huge variety of enemies, new deadly beasts on each level • Wide range of weapons – pistols, sub-machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, grenades and armour • Dozens of quests to complete for reward • Addictive single player- adrenaline rush guaranteed! It’s not your average zombie against plants, pixel kind of game or any of those battle royale games out there – it’s a hardcore offline do or die warfare battle during a zombie left for dead attack. Perfect your shooting skills and survival instincts as an undead zombie hunter, master head shots for instant kills, upgrade your weapons, buy new armour and ammo – get ready to stop zombie outbreak in this action horror games playout and clear the city from this left for dead menace! Game Features: • Furious gameplay, combination of survival RPG and first person zombie shooter • Real zombie carnage, lots of undead to fight at the same time • Impressive weapons arsenal with classic guns and advanced killing machines • Earn money for taking down zombies and medals for completing levels • Smart upgrade system for your weapon and gear Are you a fan of zombie dead mission shooting games and action horror games? Download zombie hunter dead shooting mission to catch all the fun left for dead offers now. Disclaimer: Not the original game!!

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